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Huntington Paranormal Investigations & Research Presents: Haunted & Historic Guyandotte Walking Tours! We are unlocking doors to the past.

Located in Huntington, West Virginia, Guyandotte Ghosts - Haunted & Historic Walking Tours began in 2008.

Our tours began in the historic town of Guyandotte, Huntington’s oldest neighborhood. Guyandotte today is rich with a history that has spanned over two centuries since its founding. Although time has changed Guyandotte, today the town still holds reminders of moments in time that will not soon be forgotten. Over the centuries, Guyandotte has seen triumph and it has also endured devastating tragedy. But no matter the joy or misfortune it is clear that those who have gone on before us wish to keep the memories of this town alive. Reminders of those who lived, worked, and died here can still be felt throughout the town in present day. Maybe it was the love of home, community and family or perhaps it was because of an abrupt end to a life that some still remain.  Our tours of Guyandotte provide a peek inside some of the oldest homes in our area and many stories of ghostly encounters.

Huntington as a whole, holds many legends and it is our honor to bring these stories to you, to help keep our area’s history alive and to speak for those who wish for their stories to continue for years to come.  Haunted & Historic Walking Tours will offer you a unique combination of history and legends from our community. Our information is historically accurate and our tour guides have carefully researched each location on our tour. The research for our tours is an ongoing process and we frequently are adding new information to each tour, making each tour individually different from one time to the next.

We hope that you will join us for a night of spooky tales of the supernatural and hear true stories of the past history of our region. Perhaps you may have a few ghostly encounters of your own! This is where history meets legend.

    2016 Tour Dates Have Been Announced! See the 2016 Fall Tour Schedule right now!

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Unlocking Doors to the Past